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Exercise and Postoperative Breathing Tips


-Sit upright(Fowler’s or semi-Fowler’s position)on the edge of a chair or bed, ensure that your feet are firmly placed on the floor or stool.
-Breath in gentle through your mouth.
-Breath out gently completely.
-Then take a deep breath(Inhale) through your mouth and nose, and hold your breath to the count of five.
-Exhale through your mouth and nose.

Expansion Breathing:
-Locate a comfortable upright position,with your knees slightly bent to decrease abdominal muscle tension and decrease discomfort.
-Place your hands on each side of your lower rib cage, just above your waist.
-Take a deep breath through your nose, expanding your lower rib cage outward using your shoulder muscles during inhalation.
-Exhale while first concentrating on moving your chest, then on moving your lower ribs inward, while forcing air out of your lung by gently squeezing the rib cage.

Maintain Your Fitness and Live A Healthy Long Life


Regular exercise and training is very important and it also has several health benefits. Because of current lifestyle changes people are becoming less physically active, and as a result people are currently facing several health related issues. Hence, they are becoming more health conscious and considering healthier lifestyle preferences by exercising. Healthy lifestyle is the only key to living longer and this is only achieved through regular fitness programs and exercises. People must follow fixed routines in their daily lives or they could get health problems which may further create future complications. Read more »

Today’s Importance Of Fitness And Living Healthy


Fitness today has evolved into something spectacular, where it is now an essential component of the lives of both children and adults. With such a huge array of boys and girls hoping to become the next star soccer player, basketball player, gymnast, or tennis athlete, fitness and nutrition are taken quite seriously.That being said, living this type of healthy lifestyle easily transpires into adulthood, however, whether you enjoy working out or not, living a healthy and active lifestyle should be our individual priorities. Read more »

What Ab Exercises Should You Do and How Intense Should Your Ab Exercises be


It has been quite a common occurrence to encounter people who have invested lots of their precious time in abs training and yet have not seen any visible improvement in their abs area at all. This phenomenon is due to the fact that they have either choose the wrong ab exercises for their workout or have spent too much time on the same workout exercises.

Having an effective abs workout program is essential in helping you get the 6 pack abs. Choosing what ab exercises to do and deciding on how intense your abs exercise should be is what constitutes of an effective abs workout program.

Therefore in this article, I will be covering what abs exercises you should do and how intense your exercise should be. Read more »

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