Are you concerned about the possibility of termites at your house? This is a serious issue because these wood-eating insects are known for causing extensive damage to homes. If you want to learn how to spot termite damage at home, here is a guide on what you need to know.

Mud Tubes

Mud Tubes

The first sign of a termite infestation is the presence of mud tubes. These are structures that created by termites to crawl from their nests in trees and other wood sources into your home. The insects will use these passages constantly so if you see one, there’s a good chance they’re nearby.

Discarded Termite Wings

Discarded Termite Wings

When a termite colony is established, it will create thousands of new members every year. In order to start their lives as adults they have to shed their wings which can be found on the floor around your home’s foundation after being dropped from the nest in trees.

Termite Droppings

Termite Droppings

You’ll know if you have termites in your home by finding their droppings. These are tiny, dark specs that resemble coffee grounds around areas of wood damage or near mud tubes and discarded wings. Termites eat the cellulose found inside trees which is why they cause so much destruction. This also means there’s a good chance these insects will be near any wood in your home.

Wood Shavings and Sawdust

If you see large piles of shavings and sawdust around door frames, window sills or other areas then there’s a good chance termites are involved. These insects love to eat cellulose so they will chew their way into homes through these openings if possible.

Hollow Sounds in Wood

When a termite infestation is bad, homeowners have reported hearing strange sounds when walking on wooden floors. This sound comes from the insects chewing their way through your floorboards and walls trying to get back to their nests outside. If you hear this sound, call pest control immediately because it’s likely you already have a major infestation on your hands.

Little Holes in Wood

Many people don’t realize termites eat wood so when they see little holes in their furniture or walls, they figure it’s something completely different like carpenter ants or beetles. Little holes are one of the most common signs of an active termite colony because these insects love to chew their way through wood to get into your home.

Rattling Sounds Through Wall

A final sign you might have termites is the presence of rattling sounds through your walls. This occurs when an infestation has gotten so bad that it’s spread to other areas and they’re now trying to re-enter the same room as you. These insects don’t like light which can make them hard for homeowners to spot until there’s already a major problem.

It’s important to take these signs seriously because termites cause billions of dollars in damages every year and could even lead to health problems down the line if left untreated.

Look for tell-tale signs like mud tubes, discarded wings, droppings, wood shavings or sawdust, holes in your walls or floors, and rattling sounds, and contact a pest control expert if you think you might have termites.

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